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The best way to describe who we are is to describe who we’re not. StyleSeek is not trying to reinvent the fashion business. We’re not trying to prove our street cred. We’re not here tell you how to dress. We’re not more stylish than you, nor are we fashion-obsessed.

Instead, we’re here to help you navigate an increasingly opinionated world of style. Our mission is to deliver the best clothing and accessories across the web personalized to you. We provide a new way to shop that’s completely customized on your terms, helping you make decisions that inspire your best look, whatever that may be. No judgments, no pressure—just style. Uncover more.


Your home page contains a selection of products personalized for you by the currently selected StyleDNA. To find or browse non-personalized items, use the search box at the top of the page, or select "New Arrivals" from the StyleDNA dropdown.

What is the home page?
The home page is a feed that displays products based on your unique StyleDNA, available for purchase on the web. Clicking an item on the home page displays its individual product page, where you can find more details about the item, price alternatives, where to buy it and related editorial.
What’s the circle icon at the top left hand corner of the homepage? Can I change it?
This image represents the StyleDNA you are currently using to personalize your StyleSeek experience. Clicking on this image allows you to select other StyleDNA you have created or imported. (Refer to the StyleDNA section below for more information about customizing your StyleDNA.)
How do I search for specific items?
The search box at the top right hand corner of the homepage allows you to keyword search for specific items (e.g. "blue polo shirt” or “black cocktail dress”), product features (e.g. "spread collar" or “peter pan collar”) or even by styles (e.g. "street style" or "alternative").


How do I buy items?
To maintain a genuine perspective, StyleSeek does not hold any inventory and sells all products through an affiliate network (i.e. through external retailers on the web). When viewing individual product pages on StyleSeek, click the grey button to the right of the product image to link out to one of StyleSeek’s affiliate partners (a retailer) and complete a purchase.
How do I filter products by price?
There are two ways to filter products by price: (1) when on the home page, check one of the price filter options and click "Apply Filters", or (2) on an individual product page, look through the “Compare by Price” section to view items of the same style at a variety of prices.
What is “Compare by Price”?
The “Compare by Price” section on an individual product page offers other items similar in style, but at a variety of price points (arranged low to high).
What is "Complete This Look"?
The "Complete This Look" section on an individual product page includes complementary items that pair well with the selected product (e.g. a shirt and pair of pants to go with shoes you are viewing). Items included in this section are shoppable and are in the same price range as the main product you are viewing.


Click on the StyleDNA dropdown on the top left hand side of the homepage to access the Manage StyleDNA page.

What is StyleDNA?
StyleDNA personalizes your StyleSeek experience–your StyleDNA tells the site what products and content are most relevant to display. StyleDNA is represented by six pictures, which are the six strongest graphical representations of your personal style, selected from our database of inspirational products.
Why six pictures in StyleDNA?
As we field-tested and validated StyleDNA, we found that six images formed the most complete portrait of an individual’s style. Future releases of StyleSeek may allow you to use more images to represent yourself, and to customize the arrangement of StyleDNA images as desired. Currently, the best way to experiment with alternative items is to create a new StyleDNA.
Where does StyleDNA come from?
Your first StyleDNA is created based on your results of the StyleGame. When you complete the StyleGame, a unique StyleGame DNA is created and saved in your Manage StyleDNA page as "StyleGame DNA MM/DD/YYYY". This StyleDNA is fully customizable; images may be removed or replaced at any time with other items you’ve saved on the site.
How do I rename StyleDNA?
On the Manage StyleDNA page, hover over any StyleDNA and click the gear icon that appears to rename it.
How do I create new StyleDNA?
You can manually create StyleDNA one of two ways from the Manage StyleDNA page: (1) in the list of StyleDNA, click the "+" sign, or (2) click the "CREATE StyleDNA" button at the top right. This will produce a blank template with six boxes, which you can name and customize by dragging in saved images. You can also automatically create additional StyleDNA by clicking “RETAKE StyleGame” and going through the original StyleGame.
How do I save items?
Any image on StyleSeek can be saved by clicking the "SAVE" button that appears when you hover over the image.

Saved images don’t immediately impact your StyleSeek results until you add them to a StyleDNA. Feel free to save many images as you browse the site – they serve for great reference and can always be deleted later.
What is "Shop This StyleDNA"?
Users looking for inspiration can browse and “shop as” other StyleDNA. These profiles can be used to browse StyleSeek. It's like viewing the entire site through someone else's eyes.
How do I "shop as" other StyleDNA?
You can view a variety of different StyleDNA from the Browse StyleDNA page, which is accessible from the top of the home page. Click any StyleDNA, and then click the "Shop This StyleDNA" button.
How do I activate/use a StyleDNA?
Clicking the “Shop This StyleDNA” button automatically activates the StyleDNA on the home page.

Switch your StyleDNA by clicking the image at the top left hand of the homepage. This will present a dropdown menu with all your available StyleDNA, from which you can select any StyleDNA and see your results update instantly.
Can I share my own StyleDNA?
Yes! You can choose to share your personal StyleDNA from the Manage StyleDNA page. Click the SHAREDNA icon found in the box that houses the six images of your StyleDNA. 

In addition to giving your public StyleDNA page a title and description, you'll have the option to promote other social media outlets. You can unpublish your StyleDNA at any time.
Can I buy saved items?
Saved items are available for purchase – just click on the arrow icon on any image and it will take you to its individual item page. From there you can complete a purchase through our affiliate partners.
Can I retake the StyleGame?
Absolutely. The StyleGame is always accessible from the Manage StyleDNA page by clicking the "RETAKE StyleGame" button. Retaking the StyleGame creates and adds a new StyleDNA to your profile, and will not overwrite your previous results.
How do I delete StyleDNA?
You can delete StyleDNA at any time by hovering over a StyleDNA in the Manage StyleDNA page and clicking the "x" that appears.


How are brands selected for StyleSeek?
There are three main criteria we look for when selecting brands for StyleSeek: (1) a strong representation of style, (2) an online brand presence and (3) some products for sale through an online retail channel. 

While criteria (2) and (3) are vitally important to our model, we are also committed to bringing the best representation of style to StyleSeek, which often comes from new and unexpected places. As a result, we are committed to working with qualified up-and-coming or niche players with plans to grow an online presence.
Any other questions not covered?
Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with the StyleSeek team!